The Benefits of Regularly Restarting Your Android and iPhone Devices

Updated July 07, 2024 Dan Gadget

Restart Android and iPhone

In a recent recommendation, the National Security Agency (NSA) suggests that Android and iPhone users should make it a habit to regularly restart their devices. This simple action can have significant benefits in enhancing the security of users' phones. The NSA advises users to power off and restart their phones at least once a week.

Primary Reason

According to the NSA, regularly restarting Android and iPhone devices can protect against zero-click exploits commonly utilized by cybercriminals. This practice can prevent cybercriminals from accessing and exploiting users' personal data. Restarting the device on a regular basis can also help prevent spear-phishing attacks that could install malware and spyware. However, the NSA clarifies that restarting is just one preventive measure and cannot guarantee overall device security.

The NSA's published documents reveal concerns about the increasing threats to mobile devices. The agency stated, "Threats to mobile devices are becoming more common as well as increasing in scope and complexity."

Other Benefits

Apart from security, regularly restarting your device also offers other benefits, especially in improving the performance of sluggish phones. By restarting the device routinely, users can update pending software, close background-running applications, and free up memory.

Some Android phone vendors, such as Samsung and OnePlus, have implemented features to automatically restart devices based on predefined schedules. iPhone users can also use Automation features to periodically restart their phones.

Additional Security Tips

In addition to device restarts, the NSA document also provides some additional security tips. Users are advised to turn off Bluetooth when not in use, regularly update the operating system and applications, and disable location services when not needed.

By implementing these security measures, users are expected to maintain the security and performance of their phones. While there is no magic solution to address all cybersecurity issues, preventive actions like device restarts can serve as an effective initial step.

Remember, a little restart can go a long way in keeping your device safe and sound!

Published: July 07, 2024

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